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Frequently Asked Questions

How to configure iPhone for POP3 email?

How To Setup iPhone POP3 Email Find out the following information and make a note of it: Your email address Your email password Your Incoming IMAP server Your outgoing POP server If you are unsure ... Press the Home button and choose Settings. Scroll down and click Passwords & Accounts Click Add account Scroll down and select 'Other' from the list Select 'Add mail account' More items...

How do I set up my iCloud email account?

The set up steps are the following: In the Mail App, go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Account’ -> ‘Add an account’ -> ‘Other account’ and choose ‘IMAP’ for setting up iCloud email and click on ‘Connect’. Fill in your iCloud email address and your iCloud email password and click on ‘Show more details’.

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