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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of email accounts?

Types of email account: POP, IMAP and Exchange October 12, 2016 When you’re dealing with email for your London business, you probably have one of the main 3 types of account.

What are the basic settings of IMAP account?

IMAP account basic settings Option Description Account description You can label your Outlook account with ... Full name This is how your name appears in the Fro ... E-mail address You must type your complete e-mail addre ... User name Depending on your e-mail provider, this ... 8 more rows ...

What are the different types of email servers?

Whether you use company email, a web service like Gmail or, or your own email server, there’s more to receiving email than it might seem like on the surface. If you’ve set up an email client, you’ve no doubt come across the options like POP3, IMAP, and Exchange.

What is the difference between IMAP and pop?

What are IMAP and POP? 1 IMAP. IMAP allows you to access your email wherever you are, from any device. ... 2 POP. POP works by contacting your email service and downloading all of your new messages from it. ... 3 Webmail accounts vs email apps. ... 4 Adding webmail accounts to email apps such as Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird. ...

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