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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the IMAP password error prompt keep appearing in outlook?

The repeating password error prompt when trying to configure IMAP with a Gmail account in Microsoft Outlook is a common cause of frustration. So why does it happen? The password error frequently occurs if you have 2-Step-Verification enabled on your Gmail account.

How do I troubleshoot IMAP authentication errors?

Confirm the IMAP server and port settings are correct. Most IMAP ports will be 993 or 143. Review the steps for an UNAUTHORIZED error. Work with your IT team or your email provider to see if they can provide additional visibility into these authentication errors.

Is the IMAP password case-sensitive?

Usually this password is case-sensitive. The incoming mail server for an IMAP account may also be called the IMAP server. For example, if your e-mail provider is, the incoming mail server is likely

How do I fix IMAP settings incorrect?

IMAP settings incorrect 1 Confirm the IMAP server and port is correct. Most IMAP ports will be 993 or 143. 2 Verify the server meets the technical requirements for connecting via IMAP and SMTP. 3 Your IT team might only allow certain IP addresses to connect with your inbox. If this is the case, your IT team will... More ...

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