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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the actors in the movie Maxie?

Maxie is a 1985 American fantasy - comedy film directed by Paul Aaron, and starring Glenn Close, Mandy Patinkin, Valerie Curtin, Ruth Gordon and Barnard Hughes.

What is the movie Maxie based on a true story?

The plot is based on the novel Marion's Wall (1973) by Jack Finney about a woman who is possessed by a very outgoing female ghost — a budding actress from the 1920s — named Maxie, who wants to fulfill her destiny.

What happened to Maxie in the hate you give?

When Nick and Jan move into their new apartment house in San Francisco, the crazy landlady upstairs informs them about a girl who used to live there in the 1920s: a brash young party girl named Maxie, who died in a car crash the morning before her massive audition for a Hollywood studio.

How old is Slapsie Maxie?

In later years the larger-than-life "Slapsie Maxie" would parlay his sports fame into a Hollywood career playing a series of Runyonesque-type thugs and pugs. Born Max Everitt Rosenbloom on September 6, 1904, in Connecticut,...

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