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Frequently Asked Questions

Is IMDb TV free?

IMDb TV is free - there's no second tier that allows you to pay a fee and skip the commercials. All you have to do is live with a few ad breaks, which aren't that bad anyway. Overall, there doesn't appear to be nearly as many ads as what you get while watching traditional cable.

Can you search on IMDb?

Browse through the many movie options available on the Internet Movie Database home page, or for a more focused search, try the Internet Movie Database search engine. You can search by Movie/TV title, Cast/Crew name, Character name, Word Search, On this Day in History, Recent Releases, or specific IMDb feature.

How do I search on IMDb TV?

If you'd like to search for all titles available on IMDb TV, you can search for IMDb TV titles via the IMDb Advanced Title Search on the desktop website using the "IMDb TV (US Only)" option in the Instant Watch Options section, and find IMDb TV titles in your Watchlist or other lists on the desktop website using the Where to Watch refine options.

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