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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the IMICRO Q2 so special?

The iMicro Q2 uses a more complex multi-aspherical lens with a dedicated design to achieve both the high performance of magnification and low aberration. Light and illumination are essential to microscopy. Nowadays, every smartphone comes with a camera as well as a flashlight.

Why choose IMICRO?

Tiny, light, easy to use, versatile with long working distance, compatible with any phone camera while affordable to every budget. iMicro sets the industry standard for discovery transparency, truth in labeling and product potential—all while remaining on the groundbreaking of contemporary science.

How much did you pledge for the aimicro Q2?

iMicro Q2: An 800x Fingertip Microscope for Any Smartphone Project We Love Shanghai, China Gadgets CA$ 535,909 pledged of CA$ 13,200goal 8,924 backers Support Select this reward Pledge CA$ 1or more About US$ 1 Album to download

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