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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name insouciant mean?

insouciant. ( ɪnˈsuːsɪənt) adj. carefree or unconcerned; light-hearted . [C19: from French, from in-1 + souciant worrying, from soucier to trouble, from Latin sollicitāre; compare solicitous] inˈsouciance n. inˈsouciantly adv.

What is another word for insouciant?

Synonyms for Insouciant: adj. •carefree (adjective) at ease, easy, easy going, cheerful, blithe, cool, happy, calm, sunny. •casual (adjective) cursory, incurious, perfunctory, withdrawn, mellow, detached, aloof, lackadaisical, easygoing, apathetic, informal, uninterested, Pococurante, remote, offhand, indifferent.

What is the noun for insouciant?

The definition of insouciant is a person who is calm, without cares or concerns. An example of an insouciant person is someone sitting by the pool and sipping a cocktail while on vacation. What is the noun for insouciant? noun the quality of being insouciant; lack of care or concern; indifference.

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