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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Intec do?

InTec supports our National Security and war fighter's efforts with multi-Int analysts, data analysts, and other mission support professionals. InTec provides a portfolio of IT services to include cloud design and integration, information assurance, and network tuning, to name a few.

Who is InTech equipment and supply?

Intech Equipment and Supply, founded in 1995, is a full service spray foam equipment, and related parts supplier. Our online store features an array of industry manufacturers, providing the best in trusted industry spray foam insulation equipment and backed by our expert service, with easy online ordering.

Who is Entec polymers?

Entec Polymers is the largest polymer distributor in North America and a leader in medical resin distribution for over 20 years.

Why choose Entec polymers for your rotomolding needs?

Entec Polymers is uniquely positioned to supply today’s rotomolders with the products and knowledge to help them prosper in this competitive environment. No matter how diverse your application or market, we can provide you with materials that meet your specifications.

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