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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Intec?

We are INTEC. InTec professionals offer years of technical and management expertise from positions across the federal government, to include Civil, Defense, and Intelligence Agencies. InTec professionals provide full life cycle support of technology solutions by employing sound systems engineering principles.

Would you like to do business with Intec?

Whether you’re interested in doing business with us, becoming a member of the INTEC team, have a media inquiry, or just a general question, we’d love to hear from you. Effectively meeting a client’s needs is always top priority at INTEC. We design with your best interest in mind.

Why intintec?

INTEC’s unique integration of architects and interior designers offers you the opportunity to obtain an interior space that meets your requirements every time. We use the knowledge derived from listening to your needs to develop an overall design that complies with budgetary objectives and yet results in pleasant and comfortable spaces. more »

What is intintec's procurement function?

INTEC’s procurement function provides you with cohesive service delivery around our architectural and interior design processes and ensures the overall design concept is reflected and incorporated into your furniture selections, finishes and accessories.

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