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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of interlocking block machine?

Multi-function: the interlocking block machine can produce blocks with different sizes and shapes. For example, it can make hollow bricks, perforated bricks and standard bricks. There are several lines in the mold box, which determines the out shape and inner shape of the block cavities.

What are the different types of interlocking brick making machines?

LONTTO interlocking brick machine can be divided into concrete interlocking paver block machines and clay interlocking brick machines. There are automatic interlocking brick making machine, hydraulic interlocking brick making machine, semi-automatic and manual models. Contact us for the latest price.

What machine do I need to make blocks?

You will need a compressing machine which is a diesel-hydraulic machine. It can also be manual making blocking machines like Makiga interlocking block machines. This machine is able to produce approximately 500 standard size and shaped blocks a day.

Why choose aimix group interlocking concrete blocks machines?

AIMIX GROUP interlocking concrete blocks machines equipped with leading automatic stacking machine, just only 2 operators can finish the whole production process. Our machine has compact structure, we adopt the most advanced technology to minimize the land occupation of the machine.

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