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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an overlapping field of fire?

I'm pretty sure we used to say "overlapping fields of fire "... The area which a weapon or a group of weapons may cover effectively with fire from a given position. (US DoD) "Overlapping" means to set up at least two defensive positions creating a "beaten zone" by establishing arcs of approximately 30 degrees which intersect.

What is a field of fire in a video game?

Field of fire (weaponry), the area around a (or several) weapon that can be reached by the bullets, shells, arrows, or other projectiles from the weapon(s) Field of Fire, a fictional first-person shooter in the internet web series Video Game High School.

What is raking fire in WW2?

Raking fire is the equivalent term in naval warfare. Strafing, firing on targets from a flying platform, is often done with enfilade fire. It is a very advantageous, and much sought for, position for the attacking force. Top to bottom: a German bunker on Juno Beach with wounded Canadian soldiers, 6 June 1944.

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