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Frequently Asked Questions

What is steel decking used for?

Steel decking is used in many applications, but is particularly well suited to roofing and flooring. For more than 50 years, Verco has been manufacturing many different types of deck, including roof deck, floor deck, composite floor deck, cellular and dovetail deck. Following are the details you’ll need about any of our products.

Where can I purchase the paverdeck galvanized steel structure?

You can purchase the Paverdeck galvanized steel structure from authorized dealers in your area, or direct from the manufacturer (if a dealer isn’t available in your area). Getting a quote is simple, just email us your deck design, and we can provide you with a bill of materials quote delivered to your area.

What is the difference between galvanized and uncoated vercor deck?

Galvanized VERCOR deck can be considered permanent form. Uncoated decks should not be considered permanent forms; therefore, the weight of the slab on uncoated decks should be deducted from the allowable load of the reinforced slab. Uncoated deck is available only as a special order.

What is N decking?

N deck is typically used for span conditions greater than 10 feet or when a specific aesthetic look is desired. The narrow low flutes and wide high flutes of N Deck create a very uniform look from the bottom side.

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