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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best bathroom floor tiles?

Perhaps the best tile to use in a bathroom is porcelain tile. Made from a mixture of feldspar and clay (with a greater proportion of feldspar), porcelain tiles are durable and more resistant to water than other types of tile.

Can You tile over existing tile in the bathroom?

Yes, you can lay tile over an existing tile floor as long as it is in good condition with no major cracks or settling. Keep in mind, however, that it will raise the height of the floor, which might require cutting off the bottom of the bathroom door.

Is vinyl flooring good for bathroom?

Vinyl Flooring for Bathrooms. Although vinyl can give a look similar to tile or hardwood, it is much softer underfoot, thanks to its felt or foam backing. That "give" provides a comfortable surface, which is particularly helpful in bathrooms where slip-and-fall accidents are common on wet floors.

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