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Frequently Asked Questions

Is datacamp good for learning Python?

DataCamp is good for learning Python if you want an interactive learning environment. You’ll get hands-on coding experience from the outset, with instant feedback, so you can check your progress and learn from your mistakes. You can learn Python on DataCamp even without prior coding experience.

What do you learn in an intermediate Python course?

In this intermediate Python course, you will further enhance your Python skills for data science. You will learn how to visualize data and store data in new data structures. Along the way, you will master control structures, which you will need to customize the flow of your scripts and algorithms.

What are the building blocks of learning on datacamp?

The building blocks of learning on DataCamp are individual courses that can be accessed as one-off learning modules, normally lasting around 4–5 hours, and focusing on a very specific topic, e.g. how to visualize data using a specific library.

Is datacamp's career tracks worth it?

Although, their value proposition is promising (but too optimistic), Career Tracks indeed cover a broad spectrum of the tools learners need to take their baby steps in the data science field. In addition to the above, DataCamp also offers Practice, Assessments, and Projects.

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