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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best internet in the world?

The country with the best internet connection in the world has been announced in a report by International Telecommunication Union. South Korea was named as the country with the fastest internet in the world, with the country leading the ICT Development Index table, ahead of the likes of the UK, US and Japan.

Which company has the fastest Internet?

The fastest large internet providers in the US Google Fiber. Time after time, Google Fiber throws down the gauntlet when it comes to internet speed. ... Verizon Fios Home Internet. Live in the northeastern or southern US? ... RCN. The Northeast is home to another big hitter when it comes to internet speed: RCN comes in third with a score of 47.4 out of 100. Comcast Xfinity. ... Grande Communications. ...

Who has better Internet service?

AT&T Internet: Best Overall Internet Service Provider Verizon: Best Internet Service Provider for Customer Service Frontier Communications: Best Internet Service Provider for Unlimited Data

Is the Internet the answer?

The internet is the answer to all the questions of our time. It is woven into the fabric of government service delivery, of war-fighting systems, of activist groups, of major corporations and teenagers’ social groups and the commerce of street-market hawkers.

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