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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Zoom meeting interpreter work?

Your Zoom meeting interpreter will be working “behind the scenes” to deliver the Russian interpretation to those who need it. The second scenario is used for more complex events. Here, you use two separate platforms: one for the meeting itself, and another for interpretation. You choose the software to use for the meeting.

How to use Remote Interpreting in Zoom for Russian?

Five participants speak Russian and, therefore, need a remote interpreting in Zoom feature. You set up a Zoom meeting and invite all 20 participants like you normally would. You also invite your interpreters to the meeting. Once the interpreters join, you designate them as “Interpreters” from English into Russian in Zoom.

How does simultaneous interpretation work in Zoom?

Simultaneous Interpretation Function1 Zoom offers a language interpretation feature that allows interpreters to interpret in the simultaneous mode2 while the LEP individual listens to the interpretation on a separate audio channel. When this feature is enabled, the other participants do not hear the interpretation.3

How to set up live language interpretation for your next zoom event?

How to set up live language interpretation for your next event Zoom makes it incredibly easy to configure webinars with live interpreters: While scheduling the event, simply scroll down to “Interpretation” and check the box to “Enable language interpretation” Add your interpreters’ emails and select their language pair

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