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Frequently Asked Questions

How to receive interpreter services?

How to Receive Interpreter Services. Step 1. Make Contact. Call or e-mail TSHA scheduling staff to schedule an interpreter: 888.311.3523 or 918.832.8742. [email protected] Step 2. Sign the "Terms of Services Agreement". If this is your first time to work with TSHA, staff will e-mail you a "Terms of Services Agreement.".

What you can learn from being an interpreter?

Interpreter Skills and Competencies Have an in depth knowledge and understanding of his/her working languages and the required range of language registers Have knowledge of subject areas and relevant terminology Have active listening skills and strive to improve them through self-training Have good memory retention skills More items...

Does Medicare cover interpreter services?

provided by credentialed medical interpreters for more objective and cost-effective results. The Medicare reimbursement of only credentialed medical interpreters is a substantial cost savings measure to ensure that medical interpreters

What is the job description of an interpreter?

Interpreter: job description. Interpreters convert speech in one language to another, while translators perform a similar function with written text. Interpreters often work freelance and can be hired to translate at international conferences, in hospitals or in business meetings.

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