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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you open an IRA at 70?

Anyone with earned income can open a Roth IRA at any age. The 70 1/2 limit on traditional IRAs does not apply to Roth IRAs.

What percentage of your IRA must you withdraw after 70?

Since the distribution period for RMDs goes down as you get older, you have to withdraw a larger percentage of your total IRA balance each year. At age 70, you only have to take out about 3.65 percent of your balance as a required withdrawal.

How much IRA withdrawals at 70?

The distribution period is 27.4 at age 70 and decreases for every subsequent year to a minimum of 1.9 for those aged 115 and over. For example, if your IRA balance is $50,000 and you are age 70 at the end of the year in which you turn 70 1/2, you have to withdraw $50,000 divided by 27.4, or $1,824.82.

Can you contribute to an IRA after age 70?

A Roth IRA is an IRA that, except as explained below, is subject to the rules that apply to a traditional IRA. You cannot deduct contributions to a Roth IRA. If you satisfy the requirements, qualified distributions are tax-free. You can make contributions to your Roth IRA after you reach age 70 ½.

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