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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current situation in Iran?

Iran has experienced numerous nationwide protests and civil unrest since 2016, including the 2016 Cyrus the Great Revolt, 2017–2018 Iranian protests, 2018–2019 Iranian general strikes and protests, Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 protests (in January 2020).

Is Iran's Rohani re-elected?

Iran held elections in 2016 for the AOE and Majles, resulting in a conservative-controlled AOE and a Majles that many Iranians perceive as more supportive of the ROHANI administration than the previous, conservative-dominated body. ROHANI was reelected president in May 2017.

What are the qualifications to run for president of Iran?

According to Iranian law, in order to qualify as a candidate one must: Be a practicing Muslim (unless running to represent one of the religious minorities in Iran); Be in good health, and between the ages of 30 and 75.

What was the state of security in Iran in 2012?

Deteriorating economic conditions due primarily to government mismanagement and international sanctions prompted at least two major economically based protests in July and October 2012, but Iran's internal security situation remained stable.

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