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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current form of government in Iran?

Iran has a theocratic government wherein Shia Islamic ideologies guide the Iranian government's policies and functions. ... Iran is a Middle-Eastern country also known as the Islamic Republic of Iran and has a theocratic government, in which most policies are based on Islamic religious ideologies.

What government does Iran have now?

Iran's government is an Islamic Republic. It is governed under the constitution of 1979, after the Iranian Revolution when the Shah was disposed and the monarchy was dissolved. The Supreme Leader, elected by the Council of Experts, is the head of state; he serves for life and controls military and judiciary matters.

Does Iran have a totalitarian government?

Iran’s government, while brutal and tyrannical, is not “totalitarian.” And the fact that Iran hawks think it is helps explain why their strategy for stopping Iran’s nuclear program makes no sense. “Totalitarian” regimes seek total control over how their people act, and even think. That’s not true of all dictatorships.

What is the government structure of Iran?

Iran is a unitary Islamic republic with one legislative house. The country’s 1979 constitution put into place a mixed system of government, in which the executive, parliament, and judiciary are overseen by several bodies dominated by the clergy.

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