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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ititec?

ITEC is headquartered in Orlando, Florida with offices throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. We work with the top brands in the entertainment, resort, real estate and theme park industries.

Why choose ITEC logistics?

Logistics ITEC will do all of the heavy lifting, including all packaging/removal/labor/materials. 4. Services ITEC will provide our customers with onsite or offsite media destruction, asset inventory, asset destruction, and e-waste recycling.

Why choose ITEC for your data center de-commissioning?

Reliable and compliant e-waste recycling for all IT assets. Our Data Center De-Commissioning services are designed to help facilitate small and large-scale total teardowns of complex environments through fully-compliant processes. Provide ITEC with documentation of your inventory, and we will provide a quote for de-commissioning within 48 hours.

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