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Frequently Asked Questions

What is iTech itit8000 series?

IT8000 series is a family of high power regenerative electronic loads with compact size. The highly ... ITECH Regenerat... Do you want to know... ITECH Regenerative Testing Solution Do you want to know how to cut your electricity bill and reduce... High Power Programm...

What are the features of it6700h series high-voltage DC power supplies?

IT6700H series high-voltage DC power supplies is with maximum output power 3000W, adjustable voltage 0-1200V and current 0-10A, IT6700H series have desktop and shelves installation function, easy to operate.

What is itit6700h used for?

IT6700H can accurately describe the battery charge and discharge process, widely used in battery fluctuation simulation test, battery charger, high voltage ultra high speed diode, electrolytic capacitor, electromechanical control field and ATE test system, etc., which need to use high voltage and low current DC power supply.

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