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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Itek?

This enables us to offer high performance and technologically innovative products, always having special consideration for both the sales and post-sales phase. itek has developed a strong network of qualified IT distributors, dealers and ecommerce, all selected for their high added-value.

Why choose Itek printing & collateral?

With numerous properties in Charlotte and in the North Carolina region, iTek has proven to be an excellent partner in helping us manage our printing and collateral needs. The sales and production teams are extremely attentive, efficient and detailed oriented. They always go above and beyond to facilitate our requests - and we have a lot of them!

What can I do with Itex? and ITEX Mobile available 24/7. A network of professionals to help maximize the value of your ITEX membership and assist you in purchases and sales on a local and national level. Use ITEX dollars for business and personal purchases instead of cash, check or credit card.

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