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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Itex?

Innovative Leaders in Multifamily. With over 38 years of experience, ITEX brings decades of knowledge to each development. Managing multifamily and commercial space to create revenue and profit for investors by providing quality service.

What does Stacy pay for with Itex dollars?

As the director of a non-profit business, Stacy purchases printing services for her newsletter using ITEX dollars. Bill buys his wife a bouquet of roses using some of the ITEX dollars received from Stacy. He saves the rest for future purchases.

How does Wendy pay for braces with Itex dollars?

Later that day, Wendy takes her daughter to the Orthodontist, Dr. Frank, to get braces which she pays for with ITEX dollars. Trade Directors help Dr. Frank find and pay for advertising directed towards local families.

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