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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jonathan Harris scripturally well-informed?

As he begins his recalling of the social justice coup at SEBTS, it is clear that Harris is Scripturally well-informed (as a graduate, he should be) and takes his doctrine seriously. He makes the accusation that The Gospel Coalition, Together for the Gospel, Desiring God, SEBTS and others are “evangelical leftists.”

Is Harris ‘woke’ if he’s not with the SBC?

Harris claims that because he’s chosen not to affiliate with the SBC, he is free to speak out about their newly ‘woke’ social justice movement – a detriment to the Gospel in his estimation – unlike many other students or professors who rely on the SBC for income and are silenced.

Why did Jon Harris leave SEBTS?

The first real moment of concern for Harris was when an adjunct professor of SEBTS prayed a prayer accusing the police in the Michael Brown case of “targeting” African Americans and very clearly took the side of the violent, police-assaulting thug instead. After this, Jon decided to leave campus.

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