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Frequently Asked Questions

What can juicing really do for You?

9 Health Benefits of Juicing That You May Not Be Aware Of (and How to Get Them) More nutrient absorption because the gut doesn't need to digest all that fiber. It allows you to consume a wider range of vegetables which allows your body to get more nutrients. It feeds good bacteria to the gut. It helps fight cancer. It helps lower high cholesterol. It helps detoxify our bodies. It helps lower blood sugar levels. More items...

Can juicing help you lose weight?

If you're pressing more fruit than veggies through your juicer, the calories are likely to be in the higher range. Juicing can only help you lose weight if you stay in a calorie-intake range that's below the number you burn in a day.

Why juicing is bad?

Other’s say, “Juicing is bad because juicers remove the fiber from fruits and vegetables. Juicers also concentrate the sugar and that’s bad.” – You get fiber through many other foods. You can also add back in some of the pulp to your juice if you want.

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