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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Fourth of July only celebrated in America?

July 4th is Independence Day or also known as America’s birthday in the United States. We celebrate the 4th of July because it represents the day that America became separate from British rule. Under British rule the Colonists were unhappy with British government. They felt they were unfairly taxed and had no vote on the laws that affected them.

How is the month of July got its name?

July was named in honor of Julius Caesar right after his assassination in 44 B.C., with July being the month of his birth. July is the first month in the calendar that bears the name of a real person, rather than a deity.

What Holiday is on July 1?

July 1 is Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day (or HKSAR Establishment Day). This holiday is celebrated since 1997. Emancipation Day is annually observed in Sint Maarten on July 1. This holiday celebrates the day, when the Netherlands abolished slavery on the island in 1863.

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