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What are some of the best kaiju movies of the 2020s?

Mothra vs. Godzilla is another example of a defining title in kaiju film that still works as a riveting action movie experience in the 2020s. Fans of either character are likely to be very pleased with how all of this shakes out, regardless of who actually wins.

Which Toho kaiju could appear in future Godzilla movies?

Here's who they are and how they could appear. The MonsterVerse has laid the groundwork for a number of Toho kaiju to appear in future Godzilla movies. At this point, Legendary Pictures has made use of five monsters from Toho’s rich library giant creatures, including Godzilla himself, Rodan, Mothra, King Ghidorah, and Mechagodzilla.

What is the book the kaiju film?

The Kaiju Film: A Critical Study of Cinema's Biggest Monsters. ISBN 9780786499632. ^ Miska, Brad (April 3, 2021). " ' Space Jam: A New Legacy' Trailer: Pennywise, King Kong, Joker and Others Cheer on LeBron James [Video]". Bloody Disgusting. Retrieved April 10, 2021.

Will kaiju movies ever reach Marvel/Disney box office numbers?

They may not reach Marvel/Disney box office numbers, but the interest in kaiju, even outside of the iconic characters like Godzilla, King Kong, and Clifford the Big Red Dog, hasn’t really ever gone away. If you’re reading this, and joining me for a look at some of the best kaiju movies to stream, then you already know what I’m talking about.

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