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Frequently Asked Questions

Who lives at the Knights College?

There are many people living at the Knights College, including the professors in charge of lectures and training, as well as the dragon, the guardian deity of the country. The choices Argo may make are represented by all the cards he currently has in his possession.

Can I stream Knights College on Steam?

Gameplay streaming of Knights College is allowed up to chapter 3. And, it is prohibited to stream after chapter 4. Also, please make sure to include the URL of the Steam Store in the summary section of the video. We ask for your cooperation in order to continue creating games in the future.

How do I add adult scenes to Knights College?

Knights College can add adult scenes by applying the R18 patch. However, please keep in mind that the presence or absence of the patch does not affect the main storyline, and is only a bonus element.

Where does Argo live in the Knights College?

And so Argo sets off to live at the Knights College as he learns to use his ability. Living in the Knights College are students from the country of Frontail, where Argo is from, as well as students studying abroad from Frontail’s rival country, Harshreich.

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