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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gel Kayano 25 men's?

Designed for a lightweight ride, the GEL-KAYANO® 25 men's running shoe guarantees high level comfort and stability. FLYTEFOAM® technology employs organic super fibers that resist compression, providing enduring bounce on even the longest runs.

Are gel Kayano shoes good for running?

Whether you are an experienced athlete or looking to step up your game, GEL-KAYANO® running shoes will help you go further in complete comfort and style. We are constantly improving and enhancing the collection, and the ASICS GEL-KAYANO® is our springiest, most responsive and easy to control shoes yet.

What are the Asics Gel kayanos?

Asics Gel Kayanos are made only for Overpronators or flat foot. Supinators or Neutrals should not buy these shoes otherwise they will feel hardness in their arch or in midsole. For more information search for pronation. This is a very good replica shoes. Contro i dolori articolari dovuti alľimpatto.

Does the Kayano cause torsion?

The Kayanos have always had a crossover style shank that allows for some torsion. The new model has a solid plastic cap. FAR more restrictive. I believe this is what led to my foot pain. In fact, on my first run, both of my feet were aching about a mile and a half in.

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