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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Michael Keaton returning as Batman in Batgirl?

Michael Keaton is set to return to his role as Batman after almost three decades. After being signed on for the iconic superhero for the upcoming The Flash, it has now emerged that he will portray the role in another upcoming film, Batgirl, as well.

When did Michael Keaton first play Batman?

The Birdman actor first portrayed Batman in 1989 for Tim Burton's film that was named after the caped crusader. Batman saw Keaton's billionaire vigilante go up against his most infamous adversary: The Joker, who was played by Jack Nicholson.

Is Michael Keaton returning to the DC Cinematic Universe?

Keaton's addition to the cast is certainly an interesting choice with far-reaching implications for the future of the DC Comics Cinematic Universe. Long before Keaton makes his return as Batman, the Matt Reeves-directed film "The Batman" will be released in theaters on March 4, 2022.

Was Michael Keaton's'Batman'a success?

However, Keaton's performance in the role ultimately earned widespread acclaim from both critics and audiences, and Batman became one of the most successful films of 1989.

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