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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Michael Keaton's Batman in'the Flash'?

It's understood that The Flash will introduce the DC Extended Universe 'multiverse,' with Keaton portraying a Batman in a universe separate from the one that has played out in previous DC movies. The much-anticipated movie began production work in London on Monday and The Wrap reports that Michael has fully committed himself to the project.

What is the Batman logo with the blood splatter?

The logo, which you can see below or on Instagram, resembles the logo Keaton’s version of Batman wore in 1989’s “Batman” and 1992’s “Batman Returns.” However, the image shows a splatter of blood across the logo.

How much money did Kevin Keaton make as Batman?

Keaton returned in 1992's Batman Returns, which earned $162.9 million domestic and $266.8 million worldwide, though he quit was replaced by Val Kilmer in lukewarm 1995 addition Batman Forever.

Who did George Clooney play in Batman and Robin?

George Clooney later took the role in the much maligned 1998 release Batman & Robin, with Chris O'Donnell playing his precocious sidekick and Alicia Silverstone playing Batgirl.

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