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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy Kimray parts from our international distributors?

Our international network of trusted distributors delivers dependable Kimray parts and best-in-class service to emerging and developed markets. Quality translates into every language.

Why kimkimray valves?

Kimray pledges the highest quality valves and control equipment with true customer service. We're more than parts. We're a partnership. The T-Body High Pressure Control Valve provides long-lasting, robust control of high-pressure processes and allows you to extend production time in flowback and erosive applications.

Why work at Kimray?

Kimray is growing. We’re changing. We’re evolving to help make the future more stable. But one thing that never changes is our commitment to hire good people for good jobs. At Kimray, you get: Find opportunities near you. We can’t wait for you to join the Kimray Family.

What is the Kimray Chronicle and how do I read it?

Zoom in on interactive diagrams. The Kimray Chronicle is your source for news within the Kimray community. Each monthly newsletter includes information on product improvements, tips on how to better optimize your site, videos and articles on how to complete your own repairs, as well as news about training and events.

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