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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ESJ in King County?

Launched by King County Executive Ron Sims in 2008 and formalized by Executive Dow Constantine and the Metropolitan King County Council via ordinance in 2010, Equity and Social Justice (ESJ) is an integrated part of the County’s work, and is supported by the ESJ Office since it was established in early 2015.

Where can I find more information about King County’s equity and social justice?

The County is accepting grant applications now, and more information is available at King County has just launched a new public reporting platform for our Equity and Social Justice Strategic Plan to help us monitor, track and share how well we are doing to advance equity and social justice in our community.

What is King County doing about racial justice?

Learn more about our commitment. King County is prioritizing racial justice as part of our government work overall and implementation of our Equity and Social Justice (ESJ) Strategic Plan. We are intentionally leading with racial justice to confront the historical and racial inequities that continue to exist in our community and our organization.

What is King County doing to support immigrant and refugee residents?

Consistent with our vision for Equity and Social Justice, King County is working to build an inclusive community that values the needs, priorities and contributions of immigrant and refugee residents.

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