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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for a parcel in King County?

You can search by address, search by parcel number, or you can just zoom in on the map and click on a parcel. Once a parcel is selected, you will get direct links to the King County Assessor’s eReal Property report and the Districts and Development Conditions report.

Where can I find a map of the demographics of King County?

View a collection of maps on the King County Executive's Equity & Social Justice website that show the distribution of key demographics within King County: income, race/ethnicity, and languages spoken in King County. These maps are intended to be used by county staff for community engagement, program planning, and equity analyses.

How do I contact the King County GIS Center?

Email us at [email protected] Mailbox monitored Monday through Friday, 8am–5pm. Try entering an address into the Basic Search box in the upper left. One or more selection options may appear as you type.

Where can I find the 2016 King County Comprehensive Plan?

The 2016 King County Comprehensive Plan document, on the Office of the Executive website, includes numerous maps, such as the land use map depicted in the thumbnail above. This map depicts a single contiguous, generalized data layer of zoning boundaries and designations for all areas of King County.

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