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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best songs from Mighty Sparrow?

Mighty Sparrow Songs List 1 Jean and Dinah 2 Pay as You Earn 3 May May 4 Royal Jail 5 The Road 6 Mama Dis Is Mas 7 My Pussin' 8 Obeah Wedding 9 Sixty Seven More ...

How old was the Mighty Sparrow when he won Calypso?

Brought to Trinidad as a baby from his birthplace of Grenada, the Mighty Sparrow was just 20 when he took the calypso world by storm. The immortal “Jean and Dinah” made a clean sweep, winning the 1956 Calypso Monarch and Road March competitions and establishing a new calypso order.

How old is the birdie from the Mighty Sparrow?

Mighty Sparrow. 9 July 1935 (age 84) Grand Roy, Saint John, Grenada. Slinger Francisco, better known as The Mighty Sparrow, affectionately dubbed, The Birdie is the unrivaled Calypso King of the World, with a career that spans over 40 years and counting.

How many crowns did the Mighty Sparrow win?

Over his career, the Mighty Sparrow won eight Calypso Monarch crowns, eight Road March titles, countless other competitions, and released over 70 albums covering a broad range of music that extended to R&B covers and gospelypso.

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