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Frequently Asked Questions

What is there to do in Kings Park Bluff?

Kings Park Bluff is a pretty, tranquil spot. There are benches provided so that town residents can sit and enjoy the view. You can also walk along a strip of the rocky beach and some people fish along the water's edge. A great place to enjoy the North Shore of Long Island.

Is Kings Park on Long Island worth a visit?

Absolutely lovely trails, park and trails. All of the Long Island sound is just breathtaking no matter what season one comes. Grew up in Kings Park and returned to live here about 12 years ago. I swear the same gang is hanging up at the Bluff.

What is there to do at the bluff?

The bluff was notorious for revvving up the car and playing frisbee... although there are still moments of this in the summertime wind... it is just a nice place to watch the water, skip a couple of rocks, and day dream... Great view. Very peaceful , sit and watch the boats go by.

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