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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Kings Park Library first open?

The Kings Park Library first opened in October 1972. In June 1993 a renovated and expanded building reopened. Kings Park, a busy community library, is known for its experienced and welcoming staff, enthusiastic customers, and large volunteer force.

Does Kings Park Library have a concierge book selection service?

Concierge Book Selection Service Available at this Branch — Custom Grab Bags Help your library find just the right books for you to grab and go. Take a couple minutes to complete this form. We'll be in touch when your grab bag is ready for pickup at your branch location. The Kings Park Library first opened in October 1972.

Does the Smithtown library offer community service hours?

The Smithtown Library offers a number of opportunities throughout the year for teens in grades 6-12 (up to age 18) to earn community service hours. All participants receive a certificate on the day of the program with the number of hours worked.

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