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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kings Park Library known for?

Kings Park, a busy community library, is known for its experienced and welcoming staff, enthusiastic customers, and large volunteer force.

What's new in the Kings Park Civic Association?

The edits include adding a fourth Vice President of Membership, clarifying that Kings Park renters can be KPCA members, and allowing Annual Meetings to be held at a more flexible date than what is currently prescribed. See the edits here and let us know if you have any questions or concerns ( [email protected] )!

Why support KPCA Kings Park?

Your dues, involvement, and volunteerism to support KPCA help keep Kings Park one of the most highly desired neighborhoods in the Northern Virginia area. Click here for payment options. If you don’t want to cart your glass recyclables to the purple box, there is a new pilot program started by Kings Park Resident Eric Vahouny..

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