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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Kings Park Psychiatric Center on Long Island?

Here he shares with us his images and and the story of the Psychiatric Center on Long Island. Closed and abandoned since 1996, Kings Park Psychiatric Center stands as an otherworldly relic situated in Nissequogue River State Park in the hamlet of Kings Park, NY.

What happened to the Kings County Asylum?

Eventually, the Kings County Asylum began to suffer from the very thing that it attempted to relieve—overcrowding. New York State responded to the problem in 1895, when control of the asylum passed into state hands, and it was renamed the Kings Park State Hospital.

When was Kings Park State Hospital in New York?

After 1895, Kings Park State Hospital served the counties of Kings, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk. 1916 Kings Park State Hospital. 1851 Kings County Lunatic Asylum at Flatbush, New York.

What is the history of the Kings Park Lunatic Asylum?

The Kings Park Lunatic Asylum was established in 1885 as an extension of the Brooklyn County Hospital complex located on Clarkson Ave. The location for the new asylum would be far away in rural Suffolk County, and it initially consisted of a few wooden buildings where residents could be rehabilitated.

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