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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the old name of Kings Park Psychiatric Center?

Kings Park Psychiatric Center is the hospital's most recent and most common name however it is also known as its former names of The Kings County Asylum, King Park Lunatic Asylum, Kings Park State Hospital, Long Island State Hospital and Northeast Nassau Psychiatric center.

Is it illegal to enter King's Park Psychiatric Center?

King's Park Psychiatric Center, A Documentation is an anonymously run website including video images of the buildings' vandalized interiors. Since entering the abandoned buildings is illegal, the property is patrolled by the New York State Park Police . In January 2006, New York State aborted the sale of the property.

What building is 93 in Kings Park NY?

Kings Park Building 93. The Kings Park Psychiatric Center, known by Kings Park locals as "The Psych Center", is a former state-run psychiatric hospital located in Kings Park, New York.

Are MS-13 gang members using Kings Park Psychiatric Center for meetings?

Kings Park has recently stepped up security since the bodies of four teens were discovered at the nearby Pilgrim State Hospital in Brentwood. MS-13 gang members are believed to be using both Pilgrim State Hospital and Kings Park Psychiatric Center as meeting places and dumping grounds for their illegal activities and most recent murders.

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