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Frequently Asked Questions

What is kmsauto net?

The KMSAuto net, for instance, can activate both Microsoft windows ad any of its Office version starting from 2010 to 2016. The advantage with this application is that it is absolutely legal and was created specifically for the Microsoft corporate software segment.

What is the latest version of Microsoft Office for kmsauto activator?

KMSAuto Activator supports the latest Microsoft Office 2019 and gradually replacing its predecessor. Although you can still download KMSAuto Net 2016, but I wouldn’t recommend it anymore since KMSAuto++ 1.5.5 has features on another level.

What is the best KMS auto activator?

About Official KMSauto Activator |KMSpico : KMSauto Activator/KMSpico is the one of the world trusted most popular activator that can activate Microsoft windows and office all editions successfully. Lot of web sites provide this activator using various names. Always call it KMS lite, KMS auto, KMS ultimate, KMS nano.

What is KMS auto and is it legal?

This version of KMS Auto is able to activate not only Microsoft Windows, but any version of Office, beginning in 2010 and ending in 2016. Contrary to popular belief, this application is completely legal. After all, it was created specifically for the activation of Microsoft’s corporate software segment.

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