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Frequently Asked Questions

Is KMS auto safe?

Since AutoKMS is a component developed by Microsoft, it is safe to keep in startup. But be attention that if AutoKMS occupies large CPU and memory, that may be due to the infection of virus or Trojans.

What is KMS activator?

KMS Activator is a great tool that will use for activation of your Windows or Office. Windows or Office is a very high-cost product. You cannot use these products without register it. So, you must register or activate your Windows and Office.

What is a KMS client key?

A Microsoft Key Management Server (KMS) is a legitimate service offered under Microsoft Volume Activation 2.0 solution which is used to activate volume licensed Microsoft products.

What is KMS server activation?

KMS is a server-client model in which a computer serves as the KMS host. KMS activation requires TCP/IP connectivity. By default, KMS hosts use DNS to publish the KMS service, and client computers connect to the KMS host for activation by using anonymous remote procedure calls (RPCs) through TCP port 1688.

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