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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is leaving Fox 9 Morning News?

M.A. Rosko says goodbye to FOX 9 after nearly 20 years as a reporter on the morning show.

How long is the KMSP newscast on Sundays?

1⁄2 hours on Sundays); in regards to the number of hours devoted to news programming, it is the highest newscast output among Minneapolis' broadcast television stations. The station's first news director and news anchor was Harry Reasoner when KMSP signed on (as KEYD-TV) in 1955.

When did KMSP change its call sign to KMSP?

A few months later, on February 10, 1958, NTA bought MGM's stake for $130,000 and announced that it would change channel 9's calls to KMSP-TV; the call sign change took effect that March over the objections of KSTP-TV (channel 5).

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