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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to KMSP Fox Twin Cities?

In 1988 it became the local Fox affiliate and changed the call letters to WFTC (We're Fox Twin Cities). In 2002 WFTC became a UPN station and became known as UPN29. 1986, KMSP became the local affiliate for the new Fox network, which lasted only until 1988. KMSP moved to their present Eden Prairie facility in the spring of 1992.

What happened to the independent TV station KMSP?

KMSP was the number one independent station in the nation for many rating periods. August 29, 1978, ABC announced that it would move its affiliation to KSTP, effective March 5, 1979. During the early 1980s Twentieth Century spun-off United Television, which then owned five stations.

When did KMSP become an ABC affiliate?

KMSP operated as an independent until April 16, 1961 when KMSP became the area’s ABC affiliate, an arrangement that would last until 1979, when again KMSP became an independent station. 1967 – KMSP went to all color. 1968 a new 52-story office building was being planned for downtown Minneapolis.

When did Loews sell KMGM to NTA?

Feb. 10, 1958, Loews sold its interest in KMGM to NTA (NTA merged with National Theatres Inc. in 1959). Some time between March 7 and May 24, 1958 the station was renamed KMSP

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