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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the Kubatana website?

Here is a small update: Kubatana has moved its blog style posts (citizen voice, feedback, and yes the JOBS) to our main website: This website will now be hosting news, updates, citizen feedback, our newsletter and job offerings, the NGO directory, and more. What kind of job does Amanda from Kubatana do?

How many Kubatana job vacancies are there?

Posted: (3 days ago) kubatana job vacancies is a dynamic field with a lot of career options.Some of the positions involve direct patient care. Join us and explore over 173 of kubatana job vacancies .Job Description Jobs View All Jobs.

How many NGO jobs are there in Zimbabwe?

237 NGO Jobs in Zimbabwe, Vacancies, Offers - August … Posted: (11 days ago) NGO Jobs in Zimbabwe job title, company, keywords --- SELECT LOCATION --- Bahrain Botswana Dubai Egypt Ethiopia Ghana Jordan Kenya Kuwait Malawi Malaysia Morocco Oman Philippines Qatar Rwanda Saudi Arabia Singapore Sri-Lanka Tanzania Uganda United Emirate Zambia Zimbabwe

What kind of jobs are available in Zimbabwe?

Jobs in Zimbabwe 1 Senior Technical Advisor, Social and Behaviour Change 2 Cashier 3 Full Stack Developer 4 Cruise ship workers wanted. ... 5 Marketing and sales intern. ... 6 Sales Reps x 4 (Harare 038 Bulawayo) 7 Claims and Risk Officer. ... 8 Receptionist 9 Accountant. ... More items...

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