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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kuka?

As a thought leader and pioneer for Industrie 4.0, KUKA implements networked and intelligent production solutions. The Sunrise.OS approach to programming includes: the Application Framework with an editor that assists you in modeling the robot’s work sequences graphically.

How to enable Fri (fast robot interface) in Kuka connectivity?

The C++ code if found in a file called which is included in the kuka connectivity suite. You need to go in the menus to the software components and check the box that enables FRI (fast robot interface).

What is Kuka Sunrise backups?

KUKA Sunrise.FRI is a fast robot interface that enables access to the robot controller from an external computer in real time. KUKA Sunrise.BackupRestore allows the robot controller status to be backed up to a file server. This backup can then be restored at any time. Creating multiple backups is also straightforward.

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