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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the actors in the cast of Law and order?

Cast of Law & Order Season 1 (1990–91), from left: George Dzundza, Michael Moriarty, Chris Noth, and Richard Brooks Season 2 (1991–92), from left: Paul Sorvino, Moriarty, Noth, and Brooks (This was also initially the cast of season 3, until Sorvino was replaced by Jerry Orbach mid-way through the season)

How many episodes of Law and Order SVU are there?

Complete series cast summary: S. Epatha Merkerson Lieutenant Anita Van Buren / ... 391 epi ... Sam Waterston E.A.D.A. Jack McCoy / ... 368 episodes, ... Jerry Orbach Detective Lennie Briscoe / ... 274 episo ... Steven Hill D.A. Adam Schiff 229 episodes, 1990-2000 Jesse L. Martin Detective Ed Green 198 episodes, 1999-20 ...

Who is the director of the first episode of Law and order?

Director: John Patterson (October 30, 1990). "Everybody's Favorite Bagman". Law & Order. Season 1. Episode 6. NBC. ^ a b c Conroy, Tom (October 23, 2009).

Who is the director of Law and Order SVU Season 13?

Director: Ed Sherin (September 30, 1992). "Conspiracy". Law & Order. Season 3. Episode 2. NBC. ^ Writers: Aaron Zelman & Marc Guggenheim. Director: Constantine Makris (October 2, 2002). "American Jihad". Law & Order. Season 13. Episode 1. NBC. ^ Huff, Richard (April 30, 1999).

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