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Frequently Asked Questions

Who did Dennis Farina play in law and Order SVU?

IMDb profile. Dennis Farina (February 29, 1944 - July 22, 2013) was an actor who played Detective Joe Fontana in Law & Order. His character replaced Lennie Briscoe (Jerry Orbach) as a detective on the series.

What happened to the first actor to leave Law & Order?

To quote the Law & Order intro voiceover, these are their stories... The first actor to leave Law & Order was George Dzundza, who made his exit in 1991 after just one season of playing Sergeant Max Greevey, the seasoned detective partner of Chris Noth's Mike Logan.

What happened to Lennie on law and Order SVU?

Jerry Orbach — then famous for his Broadway turns in the musicals Guys and Dolls, Chicago, and 42nd Street – joined Law & Order in season 3 to replace Paul Sorvino. Orbach played Detective Lennie Briscoe, staying on the show until 2004, when the character retired at the end of the 14th season.

Who is Detective Fontana on Law&Order SVU?

Farina's Law & Order character, Detective Fontana, worked for Chicago Homicide before his transfer to the NYPD.

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