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Frequently Asked Questions

How many episodes are in season 18 of Law and order?

The 18th season of Law & Order premiered on NBC on January 2, 2008, and concluded on May 21, 2008. On May 13, 2007, NBC renewed Law & Order for an 18th season of 22 episodes as part of a deal made by series creator Dick Wolf and NBC.

Who are the actors in the TV show Law and order?

Main cast. 1 Jesse L. Martin as Ed Green (episodes 1-14) 2 Jeremy Sisto as Cyrus Lupo. 3 Anthony Anderson as Kevin Bernard (Episode 15 onwards, guest episode 14) 4 S. Epatha Merkerson as Anita Van Buren. 5 Linus Roache as E.A.D.A. Michael Cutter. 6 Alana De La Garza as A.D.A. Connie Rubirosa. 7 Sam Waterston as I.D.A. Jack McCoy.

When did law and Order SVU start on NBC?

Though the series was originally scheduled to air on Sundays as a midseason replacement for NBC Sunday Night Football, TV Guide reported on December 4, 2007, that Law & Order would debut instead on Wednesday, January 2, 2008.

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